En İyi Erkek Televizyon Oyuncusu Saturn Ödülü

Televizyonda En İyi Aktör Saturn Ödülü kazananların listesi;

Yıl Aktör Televizyon programı
1996 Kyle Chandler Early Edition
1997 Steven Weber The Shining
1998 Richard Dean Anderson Stargate SG-1
1999 David Boreanaz Angel
2000 Robert Patrick The X-Files
2001 Ben Browder Farscape
2002 David Boreanaz Angel
2003 David Boreanaz Angel
2004 Ben Browder Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars
2005 Matthew Fox Lost
2006 Michael C. Hall Dexter
2007 Matthew Fox Lost
2008 Edward James Olmos Battlestar Galactica
2009 Josh Holloway Lost
2010 Stephen Moyer True Blood
2011 Brian Cranston Breaking Bad
2012 Brian Cranston Breaking Bad
2012 Kevin Bacon The Following
2013 Mads Mikkelsen Hannibal
2014 Hugh Dancy Hannibal
2014 Andrew Lincoln The Walking Dead
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