Connie Francis

Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero ya da Connie Francis (12 Aralık 1937, Newark, New Jersey)[3], Amerikalı kadın şarkıcı, söz yazarı ve aktris.[4][5][6]

Connie Francis
Francis 1961'de
Genel bilgiler
Doğum adı Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero[1]
Doğum 12 Aralık 1937 (1937-12-12)[2]
Newark, New Jersey, ABD.
  • Şarkıcı
  • oyuncu
  • söz yazarı
Etkin yıllar 1943–devam
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Connie Francis


Film adı Yılı Rolü Yardımcı oyuncu Yönetmen Yapımcı Notlar
Rock, Rock, Rock! 1956 Dori Graham
(Singing voice only)
Tuesday Weld, Valerie Harper, Chuck Berry, Lavern Baker Will Price Max Rosenberg, Milton Subotsky Connie Francis provided the singing voice for Tuesday Weld as Dori Graham
Jamboree 1957 Honey Winn
(Singing voice only)
Freda Holloway, Paul Carr, Dick Clark Roy Lockwood Max Rosenberg, Milton Subotsky Connie Francis provided the singing voice for Freda Holloway as Honey Winn
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw 1958 Miss Kate
(Singing voice only)
Jayne Mansfield, Kenneth More, Bruce Cabot, Sid James Raoul Walsh David M. Angel Connie Francis provided the singing voice for Jayne Mansfield as Miss Kate
Where the Boys Are 1960 Angie Paula Prentiss, Yvette Mimieux, Dolores Hart, George Hamilton, Jim Hutton Henry Levin Joe Pasternak
Follow the Boys 1963 Bonnie Pulaski Paula Prentiss, Janis Paige, Russ Tamblyn Richard Thorpe Lawrence P. Bachmann -
Looking for Love 1964 Libby Caruso Jim Hutton, Joby Baker, Susan Oliver Don Weis Joe Pasternak
When the Boys Meet the Girls 1965 Ginger Gray Harve Presnell, Louis Armstrong, Herman's Hermits, Liberace Alvin Ganzer Sam Kazman -

Filmografi (Televizyon)

Prodüksiyon adı Yılı Rolü Yardımcı oyuncu Yönetmen Yapımcı Notlar
The Sister and the Savage
(episode of Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre)
1966 Sister Mary Clare James Farentino, Steve Carlson Gerald Mayer unknown


Yazılı çalışmaları

Kitap adı Yayın tarihi Yayıncı ISBN
For Every Young Heart 1963 Prentice Hall None
Who's Sorry Now? 1984 St. Martin's Press 0-312-87088-4
Among My Souvenirs 2017 Concetta Literary Corporation / Baker & Taylor Publisher Services 978-0999238905 (paperback) and 978-0999238912 (hardcover)

Diskografi (seçme)

  • Stupid Cupid
  • Who's Sorry Now
  • My Happiness
  • Lipstick on Your Collar
  • Frankie
  • Among My Souvenirs
  • Mama
  • Everybody's Somebody's Fool *
  • My Heart Has a Mind of It's Own *
  • Many Tears Ago
  • Where the Boys Are
  • Breakin' in a Brand New Broken Heart
  • Together
  • When The Boy in Your Arms [Is The Boy In Your Heart]
  • Don't Break the Heart That Loves You *
  • Second Hand Love
  • Vacation


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