Benjamin Tucker

Benjamin Ricketson Tucker (17 Nisan 1854 - 22 Haziran 1939), 19. yüzyıl Amerikalı bireyci anarşist ve Liberty dergisinin yayımcısı.

Benjamin Tucker
Doğum Benjamin Ricketson Tucker
17 Nisan 1854(1854-04-17)
South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, ABD
Ölüm 22 Haziran 1939
Meslek Yayımcı, yazar
Milliyet Amerikan
Konu Siyaset felsefesi


  1. “within the strictly anarchist world we find some theorists like Ricardo Mella, who, due to his knowledge of the English language, knows deeply the work of (Benjamin) Tucker and that of the north American individualists, especially by reading regularly the British magazine Freedom and the north American ones The Alarm (Chicago) and the tuckerian Liberty (Boston)…Uncomfortable within the polemics between collectivists and libertarian communists, the Galician anarchist tries to integrate the different ideological currents under the proposal of Tarrida del Mármol of an anarchism without adjectives.” Diez, X. (2007). El anarquismo individualista en España (1923–1938). Virus. pg. 92
  2. David Hart. "Gustave De Molinari And The Anti-Statist Liberal Tradition". The Journal of Libertarian Studies, Vol. VI, No. 1 (Winter 1982), p. 87 (online; PDF p. 5): "Tucker was definitely aware of Molinari's work and at least one of Molinari's books was reviewed in Tucker's magazine. He shared Molinari's view that the production of security was an economic commodity which could be better supplied by the free and unhampered market, thus going beyond the criticism of Herbert and Spencer and, arguing with Molinari, that the market could offer a positive and practical alternative to state monopoly defense."
  3. Tucker translated Mikhail Bakunin's book God and the State Mikhail Bakunin - God and the State - Marxists Internet Archive
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